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Trading Link between Asia, Europe, and USA: Most businesses have considered products from Asia selling with high profit margins in Europe and USA.

Become a Distributor: South East Asia is the center for low-cost manufactured products. Add Quality Control and safe Shipping and you will have a product ready for your shelves. Become a distributor of a quality product today!

Asia Wholesales: Purchase unique products via our Asia Wholesales Link. Big savings and high profit margins possible.

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Trade: Import/Export

Product Sourcing: Right Product from the Right Exporter

Whether you run your own eBay shop or have an established company trading with the Far East, then we can help you. We can introduce new products to you, help you connect directly with manufacturing entities. Or if you are already have a an existing setup with a factory or wholeseller in the Far East, but have experienced various problems along the way, then we can mostly likely improve that situation. Issues and uncertainties you experience with your trading partners, can often be solved with a trusted partner on location that easily can fix a quality issue or a basic communication problem. Our services will help smoothen your experience with your trading partner. No more language and cultural misunderstandings or damaged/late deliveries.

Small Business: Importing goods from Asia

Factory introduction, Quality issues, Shipping/Handling & Packaging... let us be your trusted partner in South East Asia.

eBay Sellers: Save the cost of your monthly trip...use trusted trading partner: On your next inventory-shopping trip to Asia. Take your time to meet with our team of experienced shoppers. Clothing, stationary, garments, paintings, souvenirs, leather goods, artifacts, you name it... let us be your trusted partner in South East Asia.

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