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Careers in Sports

Talent Development: Soccer (Age 6-17)

You don't become a professional athlete from one day to the next. A sports talent needs be developed through quality coaching and advice for many years, before the athlete will reach a level where a professional career is realistic. Our soccer clinics in Asia and the USA are focussing on developing young soccer talents to the highest level, that matches the level of European professional clubs' soccer academies.

Athletic Scholarships: Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Swimming (Age 15-23)

We help young sports talents get valuable athletic scholarships that will pay for the student-athletes' university, while developing their athletic skills. Only very few athletes make it to the top level and manage to make a living based on therir sports skills. We encourage our sports talents to aim for college sports scholarship, as we believe it is the smart and educated choice to make. College sports can very well be a stepping-stone to a professional sports career.

Jobs in Sports: (Job seekers)

It is possible to have a successful career in the world of sports without having an actual athletic skill. Sports have become a big part of many people's life....supporters, coaching staff, sales of sports merchandise, advertising at sporting events. Check out our sports partners eBook about job opportunities in the world of sports here!

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