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We are building a bridge....
between Western investors and exciting property developments in South-East Asia, with main focus on Thailand's property market. Recent years have shown that investors have made major investments in major condo and vacation home projects with great success.

Online marketing solutions

online marketing solutionsIts a matter of Trust and Connecting.

With our help you can connect with quality partners. Join our network today and benefit from our partners know-how. Property Developers, Real Estate Brokers and Agencies, Web Portals, Expat Relocation Services, Attorneys, Investment and Tax Analysts.

Entrepreneurs with success onlineModern Techniques...

Modern business techniques and Modern Thinking makes it possible for everybody to work together and benefit from it. Our concept makes the market players connect online, and often also offline.

Online Marketing ConceptsGet started today!

One little warning though....when you connect with the right partners, you may just do what we have been doing.....invest in your own piece of the Thai Paradise. Good Luck or as the Thai would say "Chok Dee"

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Westerners invest in Asia

Real Estate market in Thailand:
Over the past 3 years investors in Bangkok's condominium market have experenced an average annual gain of 17%.The condo investors are averaging a 5% return from the Rental Income and the remaining 12% from the annual appreciation.

Is it a complex or simple market?
The local Thai developers of the Vacation Home Projects have difficulties in connecting with foreign investors. The foreign investors cannot locate and communicate with the Thai developers. The Real Estate agents are busy showing properties, and don't have the time and knowledge to do proper Online Marketing. The Western Real Estate companies with Online Marketing skills don't have proper knowledge of the Thai Real Estate Market. And so the story goes...

If you can Connect the market players, there is big business to be made!!


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