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Business Tools Center helps you identify which business tools that could be used by your company to make things more efficient, productive, or could give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Webmaster Solution: ***NEW*** Internet Marketing Program

With our internet marketing program you will get access to all the strategies, techniques and proven marketing campaigns that we use for all our clients. This program is designed for companies on a shoe-string budget or for companies who have a webmaster, but need direction to ensure their internet marketing efforts are heading in the right direction. Not only will this solution make your company more money but it will also save you time by ensuring you spend your time on the things that works.

For a modest monthly fee of only THB 2,000 (US$ 59) including VAT (7% within Thailand) you will gain access to all this. There are no commitments and you can cancel anytime.

Contact us for details and pricing

The "PRO" Level

Professional Business Tools presented:

There are numerous software packages out there that have various solutions for your company. Some solutions better than others, and some solutions that are just top-notch quality and instantly can improve a process, or enable your employees to connect and communicate better, or even give your company a competitive advantage to the competition.

Recommended Tracking Software: WEBCEO
There are various Web Tracking software packages available. We are working with webceo, as the software has several useful features, and best of all they have a version of their Tracking Software, that you can download and use for free. Therefore, we recommend you use webceo


Smart online meetings with WebEx
Meetings online and conference calls are done in such a professional way by WebEx's Meeting software, so that companies no longer have to fly in sales reps and other remotely located employees for the various company meetings. Companies are saving thousands of dollars on plane tickets by having WebEx Meeting software. WebEx's MeetMeNow is designed for small businesses and individuals. Right now WebEx offers you a 14-day FREE trial.

MeetMeNow 14-day free trial; easy web meetings 

Access your PC from anywhere and anytime with WebEx
WebEx PCnow will allow you to access your home and work PC when you are out travelling. It will also allow you to telecommute, so you can now work on your office PC from home. WebEx offers you a one month free trial, so why not give it a's FREE.

PCNow 30-Day Free Trial, Remote PC Access 

Website Presentation: My Video Sales Man

Have a Video Sales Man on your website presenting your company and its services. Websites are getting more and more advanced and interactive, and this is just the beginning...Not everybody likes voice on their site, but there is absolutely no doubt, that the Video Sales Man has arrived, and he will not be leaving anytime soon. All the big players, like Google Inc. and Microsoft are all investing heavily in various ways they can make sites more interactive and user-friendly. It is just a question of time, until videos and Video Sales Men will be streaming on the majority of all major sites on the net. This is your company's big chance to be one of the pioneers. Find out here, if a Video Sales Man will be able to help your website?

Links & Literature
In our Links and Literature section, you will find more links to useful business tools, as well as links to our business partners.

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