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Pay-Per-Click Campaings
In a pay-per-click (ppc) search engine marketing campaign, your website will gain instant website traffic to your website from top listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN under the sponsored section.  When someone searches for any of your targeted keywords, your website can show up number one fairly easily and quickly.  Your website’s positions depends on how much you are willing to pay for the keyword bid as well as your ad’s click-through-ratio in the search result page (SERP).  For example, if your ad shows up 100 times (a.k.a. impressions) in the SERP and 5 people click your ad, your click-through-ratio for this ad is 5% (5/100).  Generally speaking, a high-click-through ratio will therefore, along with a high bid, result in top placements for that individual term.  Continually optimizing your ads is crucial to improve your sales performance in the ppc engines. 

To properly set up, execute, and run a successful pay-per-click campaign requires in-depth search marketing knowledge, experience, testing capabilities, and continuous tweaking of your account to ensure maximum performance of your account.  If you are new or have had mediocre results in this area, we strongly recommend that you use a highly experienced search engine marketing company to optimize and maximize the performance of your account. This will not only make your website more money, but it will also save you considerable time that you otherwise would have spent setting up and managing the account by yourself.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Process:
Setting up a successful Pay-Per Click Search Engine Marketing campaign involves substantial and tedious work. Because we want our clients to not only achieve top rankings, clicks and more importantly sales, we have included a free website evaluation to boost your website conversion once the visitor arrives on your site.  Therefore, we will analyze your website and implement proven internet marketing elements (from marketing tests) to boost your website’s conversion and sales.

Keyword research and selection of the most targeted and popular keyword terms (for optimal performance)

FREE Website evaluation analysis to boost sales conversion

Set up account and campaign to get top listings in Yahoo, Google, and MSN


Professional written titles, descriptions, and appropriate URL (landing pages)

Set bids for keyword terms

Implement backend keyword conversion tracking on website to track sales conversions

Set up the pay per click campaigns on the software to track each keyword conversion

Testing and implementation

Track progress of monthly ranking reports for performance measures

Estimated time to complete project: 21 days.

Support and consultation by phone and e-mail

Inquire within for more details and pricing

Monthly Maintenance
Because the search engine industry is a highly competitive and changing market place, we strongly recommend monthly maintenance, ensuring you will get a dedicated and qualified professional working on your account to daily update your bids, optimize your account by testing new ad copies to improve click-through-ratio, remove keywords with low or no conversion, replenish the account when the funds are running low, add more keywords as necessary, and publish bi-monthly reports which states your clicks, cost, sales, and overall performance in the search engines.

Bi-Monthly report, which states the position, impressions, clicks, and orders for each keyword

Daily monitor clicks and update bids

Generate additional keywords, descriptions, and titles as necessary

Eliminate keywords with bad conversion

Improve click-through-ratio by testing various ad pieces

Replenish the account when it runs low

Other necessary maintenance

Client Support (calls and e-mails)

Inquire within for more details and pricing

Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Yahoo!Search Marketing, Click-through-rate, Ranking, and much more is all covered in the SEOBOOK

Read the SEOBOOK!!! All our employees have read it, and it is good. The book explains SEO, PPC and all other related concepts very well, so that it is easy for you to understand.


We recommend that you get yourself a basic understanding of what SEO is all about.

SEO BOOK - very good reading to understand SEO, PPC, and other related marketing concepts


SEO Links & Literature

We recommend that you get yourself a basic understanding of what SEO is all about.

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