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Let the Experts help you identify what approach will work for you. We will help you develop your Online Market Plan............. To the right, you will see the various techniques and approaches you can apply to your web business. Some techniques you can possibly do yourself to no or a small cost (SEO, Link Building), other techniques are paid services (PPC, Email-marketing), that can be very costly, but also very effective. Below, you will find Online Market Plan's "Do it yourself" package for Webmasters.

Webmaster Solution: ***NEW*** Internet Marketing Program

With our internet marketing program you will get access to all the strategies, techniques and proven marketing campaigns that we use for all our clients. This program is designed for companies on a shoe string budget or for companies who have a webmaster but need direction to ensure their internet marketing efforts are heading in the right direction. Not only will this make your company more money but it will also save you time by ensuring you spend your time on the things that works.

For a modest monthly fee of only THB 2,000 (US$ 59) including VAT (7% within Thailand) you will gain access to all this. There are no commitments and you can cancel anytime.

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Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Techniques to apply to your web site that are Search Engine friendly. The three main search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, all have their "secret" formula on what it takes to get listed and ranked on the respective search engines. Natural listings are free, but it takes time to get listed. What factors are the most important in the Search Engines secret formula?

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

It is a time-consuming process to apply SEO techniques to your website and then get listed on the Natural Search listings. And if you don't do it right, you may never get a high enough ranking on the search engines, for you to run a sound business. Your next option is to pay to get listed and ranked. With Search Engines' paid campaign option, you can get on the first page on any keyword within the hour.

Online Media Buying

If you have a proven product or service that you know will sell, as long as you can get the word out, then a more organized set-up of Online Media Buying may be the solution for you. There are several ways you can buy media online. If you can identify a method that works well for your company, then an organized Online Media Buying effort can take your company to the next level.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing is a very powerful tool to advertise your product. The important thing is to use Email Marketing legally, as a Permission-based campaign. Otherwise, your email campaign could be judged as unauthorized mailings or spam. We are working with lists of emails, that can give you access to several million consumers in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Ad Networks
Another way and tool for you to advertise your product to a big audience. The use of Ad Networks should be monitored carefully for click fraud. Should you run a CPC, CPM, or CPA campaign with the AdNetworks? Inquire within, if you are interested in running large-scale campaigns with AdNetworks.

Link Partnership Campaign
Other companies linking to you means traffic and improved ranking in the Search Engines. A well-prepared linking campaign can make the difference for your company.

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