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Online Media Buying

Quick Turnaround and Performance Measures
Online media buy is one of the quickest, targeted website traffic, and sales you can receive to your website. Let's say your website's ad is displayed on the front page of a website, which receives 600,000 unique visitors a month and the click through rate is 4%. This would mean your website would receive 24,000 unique visitors from this partner. If implemented correctly, this can do wonders to your website sales, which is why it's one of the most effective online marketing strategies to use. Not only is it important to locate highly TRAFFICKED websites, but to advertise on highly TARGETED websites, which means higher website conversion once the visitor arrives at your website.

Location and Placement
In addition, the way you advertise on this partner will determine your ads click through ratio and thus how much traffic you will receive to your website. To ensure your website will receive the most website traffic possible, your ad should be located above the fold (the space before you scroll down on the page). The location above the fold is also very important (left, center, right). Moreover, your ad's 'stickiness' is extremely important for maximum click through ratio. We have tested various ad pieces and have from over 9 years experience learned what sorts of ad pieces (banners and links), website partners as well as what kind of web pages result in high click through ratios and sales.

Implementing an online media campaign properly will result in lots of hot and targeted traffic in a very short time. It is a perfect strategy to use for companies looking for quick traffic and results (compared to ex. search engine optimization, which will take longer to implement and see results).

Added Search Engine Ranking Benefits

Since the search engines (especially Google) rank websites based on off-site optimization factors, your online media placements will help your website in the search engines as well.  We will not only place your ad in a prominent position and maximize your ads click-through ratio, but will also perform off-site optimization techniques, which will boost your overall search engine ranking positions.

Monthly Management

We will continually add more and more partners to ensure your website traffic will see significant progress on a continuous basis.  Therefore, we will monthly perform the below strategies on your account.

Situational analysis and detailed evaluation of your business goals and objectives

FREE Website evaluation analysis to boost sales conversion (regular price: THB 30,000)

Continuous research of potential partner sites with high traffic and relevance


Negotiation of placements and pricing

Set up partnerships with quality websites of high Google page rank

Creation of links and banners. 

Implementation of sophisticated analytics program to track performance of partners

Track progress of monthly partnership reports

Support and consultation by phone and e-mail

Inquire within for more details and pricing

SEO, PPC ...
Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Yahoo!Search Marketing, Click-through-rate, Ranking, and much more is all covered in the SEOBOOK

Read the SEOBOOK!!! All our employees have read it, and it is good. The book explains SEO, PPC and all other related concepts very well, so that it is easy for you to understand.


We recommend that you get yourself a basic understanding of what SEO is all about.

SEO BOOK - very good reading to understand SEO, PPC, and other related marketing concepts


SEO Links & Literature

We recommend that you get yourself a basic understanding of what SEO is all about.

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