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Online Market Plan

The trick is to find out what techniques and tools work for you. You are not expected to be an expert on all areas of Online Marketing.

Let the Experts help you identify what approach will work for you. We will help you develop your Online Market Plan...

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Marketing Concepts

Hotel Partnership Proposal

We have developed a unique online marketing concept that results in a win-win situation for all partners involved. It gives your Hotel a chance to stand-out from the competition.

Real Estate Developer, Broker, Agent Solutions

Real Estate developers, brokers, agents are or will be obvious super-users of various online media tools that will allow them to get their projects out to the masses. The main online tool in the Real Estate world will be an advanced affiliate marketing set-up. The market place has changed significantly! It is a big market and the players should no longer use their energy and money on competing, but rather on building up a network of affiliates and start cooperating with the various players on the real estate market. We have several solutions for the various players on the property market. Read more about the Real Estate Concept

Offshore Banking & Financial Services Proposal

Is Cold Calling the right way to find new clients for your financial services? The Financial Services-sector has still not fully understood what online marketing can do for them! We believe that it will drastically change over the next few years. True that the online approach is lacking that Personal attention that a client needs, if she should trust you with her funds. But soon, we'll see financial service companies with a site-pal on their website and be busy taking use of income-targeted and geo-targeted online media channels.

Export/Import Trader Concept
You have the business idea. The products are basically ready to ship, but you don't have the infrastructure and know-how to run your business online. Online Market Plan does have an Online Plan and Concept developed just for your situation. The Beer Dispenser example shows products manufactured at a lower cost in South-East Asia, and sold via a website to endusers in North America.

Website Owner Partnership Program
Do you own a website that is not performing as you were hoping. You feel you have the right products and services, but the sales are way below what you were hoping. Our Website Owner Partnership Program may then be the right solution for you and your site. Online Market Plan has developed a Program and Concept for non-performing websites. The Education website, StudentGuideUSA, is an example of that; the site has great information and tools for students interested in studying in USA, but in the past very few took use of their services, as their online presence was not optimized.

Travel & Cruise Ship Proposal
Often what makes a cruise company successful is its ability to fill up the cruiseships in the off-season. Cruise ships used to be a vacation option for the wealthy, now cruise companies have developed less expensive cruise packages for other segments. Various online marketing approaches allow the cruise companies to reach a broader audience, as well as targeting its core segments.

Foundation/Fundraiser Program
Support a good cause and benefit from it yourself. A win-win situation. Everybody have a Social Responsibility. There are various groups out there that are dedicating themselves to help others and they do a tremendous job. Not everybody feels they are in a position to give financial support to groups in need. Online Market Plan has developed various concepts where you and your company will support people in need and in return you will gain other benefits. We would like to applaud Father Joe for all the great work he has done for homeless children in the slums of Bangkok.

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