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Link Partnership Campaign

A properly implemented link campaign (along with all the elements of search engine optimization) does not only result in high search engine rankings, but can also generate highly targeted traffic from those links. Both the on-site optimization factors (search engine optimization on the page) as well as the off-site optimization factors (such as high quality and authority website partners linking to your website) play an essential role if you are looking to gain top placements in the major search engines.  Just doing linking randomly using link exchanges, FFA pages, and link farms will actually hurt your website in the search engines, so it’s important to implement a proper link campaign the correct way, which will boost your ranking in the search engines.  At Online Market Plan we only use ethical and correct methods to obtain link partners, which will help your website in the long run. 

Link Campaign Process:
Free One-Way Links:

We will set up link partnerships with related directories, forums and manually add or request links. 

Link Exchange:

We will find partner sites in your industry and exchange links with them. We only look for high quality sites having a Google PR of at least 2 or more on the links page. We then build a link page that is hosted on your site and place links to other sites in return for a reciprocal link.  If you have objections to this please let us know beforehand.

Text Link Ads: (Optional)

We will locate sites in your industry or sites having related topics to see if they would agree to sell you text links. We only look for high quality sites having a Google Page Rank of 4 or more. We will try to negotiate the best deal with the sites and send you a list for approval before proceeding.

Situational analysis and detailed evaluation of your business goals and objectives

FREE Website evaluation analysis to boost sales conversion

Research to use the most popular and targeted keyword terms for your business (a.k.a. off-site search engine optimization).

Link partnerships with quality websites of high Google page rank

FREE press release submitted to 10 major internet newswire companies (build brand and publicity)

Track progress of monthly link partnership reports for performance measures

Support and consultation by phone and e-mail

Estimated time to complete project: 21 days.

Inquire within for more details and pricing

Monthly Maintenance
Because the search engine industry is a highly competitive and changing market place, we strongly recommend monthly maintenance, which ensures you will get a dedicated and qualified professional continually working on your account to update the latest search engine algorithms and develop quality and high authority link partners for your website.  Again, your link partners will not only help you in the search engines, but will also drive direct traffic to your website.  


Track progress of monthly link partnership report for performance measures

Develop more popular and targeted keyword terms to use for your business (a.k.a. off-site search engine optimization).

Develop more link partnerships with high quality (authority) websites and forums of high Google page rank. Two and one way links as explained above

Directory submissions to popular and relevant directories

Client Support (calls and e-mails)

Inquire within for more details and pricing

Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Yahoo!Search Marketing, Click-through-rate, Ranking, and much more is all covered in the SEOBOOK

Read the SEOBOOK!!! All our employees have read it, and it is good. The book explains SEO, PPC and all other related concepts very well, so that it is easy for you to understand.


We recommend that you get yourself a basic understanding of what SEO is all about.

SEO BOOK - very good reading to understand SEO, PPC, and other related marketing concepts


SEO Links & Literature

We recommend that you get yourself a basic understanding of what SEO is all about.

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