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Sign up for an online education Why not get started today. Its free to get started.

An online degree is the modern way to educate yourself. There is no doubt, that your understanding of the online world and the business opportunities that it presents, will be extremely important in many future career paths.

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Jobs & Careers

Getting your Career started - Start your Job Search here:

How do you get your dream job? There are various ways to go about it. The easy and rational way to start your Job search is to post your resume (CV) on all the major job search sites. Get started here:

Monster - Post your job resume here for free

Yahoo Jobs - Post your resume here for free.

Job fairs and Networking events: Find out which job related events are happening in your area. You will be surprised how few job seekers actually find a job through the traditional job searching channels, such as the Job Classified in the newspapers. Whether you will find your next job at a job fair or a networking event is not to know, but we recommend you to go to these job events anyway. You will learn from the events, and you will get a good feeling for what is happening at the job search arena, and then you will be able to find your competitive ege accordingly, whether that is by doing things differently than others, or it is by copying others, who seem to have found a clever way to look for the next dream job.

Employment Agencies, Temp Agencies, and Headhunters: Are you new to job hunting then you will discover that there are professional services that may be able to help you land your next job. Some of these employment agencies have a wide range of jobs, i.e. construction jobs and admin jobs, whereas other job agencies specialize in certain fields, i.e. Accounting and Finance jobs, engineering jobs, or IT jobs. These job agencies or headhunters often have listings of temporary job positions, parttime and fulltime jobs, and permanent jobs.

Green Card - work permit in the USA

Do you want to live and work in the United States? A green card gives you the chance to do just that. It is also the first step towards U.S. citizenship that could open up a world of opportunities.

Every year, United States gives out 50,000 green cards through the diversity visa lottery. A green card is a visa that allows you and your family to live and work in the United States.

How do I apply for the Green Card lottery?
We recommend using USAFIS when applying for your green card. USAFIS offers help in many different languages and if you win, they will even give you a free airline ticket to the United States. Click here to apply

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