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Email Marketing

Permission based email marketing (Opt-in)
First step is to determine the quality of the email list that you have access to. There are loads of email lists on the market that have been bombarded by other companies and spammers, and the quality of such a list is very low and thus no longer worth a whole lot. We recommend that you obtain high quality and targeted email lists that have been collected with double opt-in sign up, where you thus also have the permission to mail. In that way, you avoid being caught by various spam regulations, that could hurt your online business in various ways.

Email Marketing Strategy
There are several variables that you need to pay attention to before you start your email campaign:

  • how to get in the in-box
  • flash vs no-flash mailers
  • text vs rich media

Conversion and Analysis
What's your conversion rate? It is important that you know how you convert when you conduct online campaigns, such as email marketing. Reporting and Analysis of the email campaign becomes crucial, so that you'll know how to adjust and improve future campaigns.

Cost of Email Marketing
There are various ways you can run an email marketing campaign. It's important that you pick the cost method that makes financial sense for your product/service:

  • Pay per email sent (CPM)
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

We'll assist you in setting up a successful email campaign!

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