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An online degree is the modern way to educate yourself. There is no doubt, that your understanding of the online world and the business opportunities that it presents, will be extremely important in many future career paths.

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Charity & Fundraising

How can you help people in need?

Some dedicate their lives to help others. Many help out, here and there, by making monthly or annual donations through various Charity organizations. And many want tohelp out but don't know where to start.

We believe, that any help and effort can make a big difference, so Online Market Plan are actively involved in an online Awareness & Acceptance campaign. And we encourage all our online friends to get involved as well. It's FREE and PAINLESS. All you need to do, is to post a link on your website to our Awareness & Acceptance Partner, HIV8.ORG is involved in organizing Charity Events around the world. The funds raised are solely used to research in the field of HIV/AIDS with a main focus on collecting data from Hospitals in South East Asia treating infected HIV patients, the data collected is later analyzed and put in use by the worlds leading HIV/AIDS researchers and Medical Doctors.'s main role is to create and increased Awareness & Acceptance in the online community.


Each link added will increase the Awareness & Acceptance of HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Here are the deatails for adding the Charity-Link:

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